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Everything we do is to help you become the best investor you can be. We are continuously upgrading our investment platform to deliver the best trading experience and better support your wealth-building goals.

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Never miss out on investing opportunities! The fastest and easiest way to invest in the US financial markets. Buy stocks instantly with debit card and keep pace with the fast-moving market!

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You don’t have to have large sums to start investing. With Raseed you can invest in 9,500+ U.S. Stocks, ETF’s & Crypto with as little as $1.

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Our support team is available around the clock to address any questions or feedback and help you resolve any issues.

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Access smart portfolios, designed by experts, that adjust automatically as you and your money grow.

Level up your game.

Gain access and exposure to a growing list of tools to launch your investing experience to the next level.

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  • Halal

  • Auto Invest

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  • Analytics

  • Crypto

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  • Minor Wallet

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Powerful Investing Tools.

  • Automated Dividend Reinvesting

    Whenever you get a dividend payment, we’ll invest it right back into the company that paid it out. Build effective investment habits and automatically compound your money over time.

  • Instant Funding/Buy

    Time your stock buys perfectly with our instant buy feature! Fund your account instantly with debit card and be ready to deploy your assets at any time!

  • Company-Specific Analysis

    Keep track of the metrics that matter most. Get a big picture view of the companies you care about with unique data like revenue segmentation and subscriber growth.

  • Halal Stocks

    Build your investment portfolio without compromising your beliefs. Trade more than 1,200 diversified Halal stocks and ETFs that are approved by Islamic law.

  • Smart Investing

    Automate your strategy by investing your assets on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis. Navigate volatile markets, manage risk, and build wealth over time.

  • Earn Free Stocks

    Get rewarded for inviting your friends to try Raseed App! You can refer as many friends as you like!

Community Investing.

Discover new investment opportunities and gain exposure to valuable ideas from a dynamic community of investors.

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